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Dövme otomasyon hat ve sistemleri

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Machinery for plastic steel processing 

Wide range of machines and that one of the most important point is that they are all tailor made on the customers’ specific production plant et objective.

Hydraulic Hot Moulding Press: Single station – Mobile multi-station presses – Fixed multi-station to use up to three tools at once.

Hydraulic Forging Press: Press assisted by mechanical or robotic handling system.

Radial/axial Rolling Mills: for the production of rolled rings and laminated leaf-spring.

The Radial/axial Rolling Mills have a very specific target: companies that produce ROLLED RINGS either LAMINATED LEAF-SPRING.

This gives us the opportunity of approaching companies with a specific product with a specific solution. In this case we have several references that even if they are Italian companies they should be well knows also in your market.

  • 05-09-2022 11:42
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Dövme otomasyon hat ve sistemleri
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Dövme otomasyon hat ve sistemleri